Support Groups

Joining a support group can help a person with epilepsy meet others who understand their experiences, provide a place to share resources, and foster a sense of community.
We host a variety of support groups for children, teens, adults, and parents impacted by epilepsy.

Types of Epilepsy Support Group

We host a variety of support groups that cater to certain people affected by epilepsy, such as:

  • Adults with epilepsy
  • Teens with epilepsy
  • People of certain genders with epilepsy
  • Parents and caregivers of a loved one with epilepsy
  • Families with a member who has epilepsy

We have categorised the support groups according to the means by which they function, including;

  • In person
  • In person
  • By phone
  • By video conference

Benefits of Joining a Support Group

Because epilepsy can cause fear and stigma, it can be an isolating illness. Support groups can make a person with epilepsy feel less alone, but they are also valuable resources in other ways.
Epilepsy support groups can help participants by:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Sharing information and resources
  • Promoting advocacy
  • Giving and receiving emotional and practical support
  • Providing a space in which to feel safe
  • Providing a sense of community
  • Being a safe place to ask questions
  • Supporting for families and loved ones of people with epilepsy